Get Married

Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

There is nothing like the approaching Christmas season to make a single Catholic think of establishing a home and imagining his own little children's faces, aglow with delight, gathered around the Nativity scene to see Baby Jesus on Christmas morning.  But finding a spouse these days is hard work.

Fr. Anthony Cekada recently offered this advice for finding a traditional Catholic spouse and even included a detailed chart comparing different traditional Mass groups.   He also recommends joining TradCircle.

Finer Femininity offers an excerpt from Christ in the Home, titled "Requisites for a Happy Marriage".  It includes important advice about future in-laws and the interesting story of Louis Pasteur's successful proposal to Marie Laurent fifteen days after meeting her.

The Catholic Gentleman sounds the battle cry for marriage here, in a post directed at young men who may not be dating with the intention of marrying.  We often hear complaints that many men are unwilling to commit, but the comments on this post reveal the problem affects both sexes.

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