Germaine – Requiem of a Soul – Book Review

Germaine – Requiem of a Soul

The True Story of Cinderella

By Andrew St James

Hot off the press (first published in 2017) is a moving account of Saint Germaine Cousin, written in a style that would appeal to the modern reader.

This young saint of the late 1600s, lived in obscurity and unimaginable suffering in the French village of Pibrac near Toulouse. Largely unknown, this book brings to life, what the author likens to the real Cinderella story, complete with a mean stepmother and stepsisters and the finding of her true Prince (Christ) in a drama of heroic virtue.

The fictionalised account is sprinkled throughout with edifying sermonettes and vignettes inspired by the author’s sources, which he lists as follows:

  1. Sermon inspired from Fr Bede Jarrett OP (1934)
  2. The works of St Francis de Sales’ “Introduction to the Devout Life” (1567-1622)
  3. The writings of Father Dajczer (2009)
  4. Father Jean Pierre de Caussade SJ’s “Abandonment to Divine Providence.” (1921)
  5. Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez “The Fire of the Holy Spirit” (1956)
  6. Father John Grou’s “Manual for Interior Souls” (1905)

Most of our True Restoration membership readers are familiar with the second, fourth and sixth books - and if they are like me, they have never heard of the third one.

The overall tone of the book is a continual exhortation to accept a life of crosses and a constant dying to self, in a spirit of immolation for the love of God. That is obviously a good thing!

Many times whilst reading this book, I thought how useful a tool this would be to inspire children to embrace the Cross and strive wholeheartedly for sanctity. However, unfortunately, this book is unsuitable for children due to an adultery theme that runs through the entire book in a way that cannot be simply edited out with some marking pen nor ripping out, or gluing together, a couple of pages. I found that aspect a real shame because the adulterous characters seemed gratuitous - and rendered what would have been a wonderful motivational story for children, completely off-the-table for young readers.

Overall, this well-presented hardback-book is very easy to read and hard to put down and it has plenty of tugging at one’s heartstrings; but not in an empty and useless sentimental way, rather it is done in a way that appeals to our Catholic sense of charity, justice and true compassion.

More information, including a short trailer and purchasing details can be found at this website:


Theresa is Director of True Restoration Press and hostess of the Restoration Radio series, “The Catholic Home.” She is a cradle Catholic, homeschooling mother residing in Australia.

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