Fighting Against the Revolution

Brought to your attention today is a heroine of royal blood and noble character who merited death at the scaffold by her stalwart attitude of no compromise toward the revolutionaries of her time.  Would that all Catholics adopt the same disposition toward the revolutionaries, in all their forms, of our time with a courage equivalent to that of Madame Elisabeth!  “She recited the De Profundis on the way to the guillotine.”  Elena Maria Vidal’s article from Tea at Trianon, Madame Elisabeth of France, sister of Louis XVI, is an informative sketch of the “daughter of Saint Louis.”


A Fashionable Dinner is a fun fact from the Catholic Kingdom that will help instill in the minds of young ones the importance of not succumbing to human respect as well as the power of good example.


Appreciating and thanking God for the little things in life is important, even if it is just the joy of collecting that first egg laid by your own hen, the thrill of looking out over beautiful scenery, watching the buds open up on a bush that grew from the seed you planted or simply finding yourself laughing at good joke.  Angela from Three Plus Two Homeschool writes a pleasant post, Gardening, Suburban Homesteading, and Homeschooling Part 1, about, among other things, harvesting (or not getting around to harvesting) home-grown produce, mowing five acres of grass and her reflections in general on raising children in a real, wholesome environment in which they learn how to do real, wholesome activities.

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