Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion

Discovering the Treasures of Our Lady: A Captivating Expedition through Mariology

Introducing "Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion," a captivating and enlightening course that delves into the profound mysteries and rich traditions surrounding the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Hosted by Alexander Krawczyk and featuring the esteemed Bishop Germán Fliess, this series promises to be a profound exploration of the Divine Maternity—the foundation upon which the entire field of Mariology is built.

In the premiere episode, Bishop Germán Fliess unveils the significance of the Divine Maternity, unveiling its crucial role in bestowing upon Our Lady the great privileges she enjoys. The subsequent episodes delve deeper into devotion to Our Lady, drawing wisdom from the teachings of Popes, Fathers, Doctors, Saints, and theologians. Discover the vital role Our Lady plays in our salvation and gain a comprehensive understanding of her life and the dogmas that surround her.

With a particular focus on the sublime dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Bishop Germán Fliess masterfully explores the scriptural and traditional proofs that underpin this extraordinary belief. Delve into the fascinating history of the Immaculate Conception, tracing the efforts of countless individuals throughout the ages of the Church to comprehend its profundity.

Join us for this exceptional series that promises to deepen your knowledge and devotion to Our Lady. Whether you are a seasoned Marian devotee or new to the wonders of Mariology, "Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion" offers a wealth of insights, captivating discussions, and profound revelations. Tune in to unlock the mysteries and explore the majesty of Our Lady's role in the divine plan of salvation.

Episode 9 and onward, Bishop Bede Nkamuke continues as guest on Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion.

Episode 2 Review

First Air Date: May 4, 2020
Show Guests: Bishop Germàn Fliess, Bishop Bede Nkamuke
Show Hosts: Alexander Krawczyk, Kachi Obinwanne, Trypho Suduobogha

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