Iota Unum

A Study of the Changes in the Catholic Church in the 20th Century

Host Stephen Heiner is joined by Father Arnold Trauner from the Mater Boni Consilii Institute, together they’ll dive into the intriguing book "Iota Unum: A Study of the Changes in the Catholic Church in the 20th Century" by Professor Romano Amerio.

Iota Unum is a thought-provoking and comprehensive examination of the transformations that occurred within the Catholic Church during the 20th century. This insightful book delves into the profound changes, both doctrinal and institutional, that shaped the Church and its relationship with the modern world.

Through meticulous analysis and scholarly research, Amerio offers a critical assessment of the key developments and challenges faced by the Church throughout the century. He explores topics such as the liturgical reforms, theological shifts, the impact of secular ideologies, and the erosion of traditional Catholic practices.

By examining the changes within the Catholic Church, Amerio raises important questions about the preservation of authentic Catholic doctrine and tradition in the face of societal pressures and internal debates. This book serves as a valuable resource for scholars, theologians, and anyone interested in understanding the challenges and transformations that have shaped the Catholic Church in the 20th century.

Iota Unum by Professor Romano Amerio is available for purchase at the True Restoration Press Store.

First Air Date: April 6, 2018
Show Guest(s): Father Arnold Trauner, IMBC
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner

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