Close of Season 9

Another productive and hard working year at True Restoration has at last come to a close. As always, we finish this season just in time for the feast of the Immaculate Conception and turn our attention to the preparations and feasts that come with the beginning of a new liturgical year.

We would like to give special thanks to our benefactors and to our new and continued subscribers for supporting our apostolate throughout this year of 2020. Our gratitude also goes to the hosts and guests who have appeared in the radio shows in hopes of edifying viewers and inspiring a stronger, deeper love of the Catholic Faith. Among our guests have been many priests, including: Fathers McKenna, Trauner, Eldracher, Dutertre and Fliess, as well as His Excellency Bishop Dolan, and also two special secular guests, Jacinta and Mary, who appeared in the Catholic Home. Our talented and aspiring hosts have included True Restoration team members: Stephen Heiner, Theresa, Justin Eldracher, Alexander Krawczyk, and Matthew Gaskin, as well as a special acquaintance of the team members: Alexander Arthur. Thanks to all of this support we have been able to produce in Season 9 over 100 episodes, spread over 8 continued series and 2 new series:

The Catholic Home
The Councils
Sacred Scripture
Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion (new)
Clerical Conversations
The Missions (new)
Popes Against the Modern Errors
This is Catholicism
The Beautiful Things

We hope you have enjoyed and profited from much of this content throughout the year. If you would like to continue gaining benefits from these series, we offer annual memberships for you to access and download all past episodes, in addition to those coming in 2021 from the True Restoration Radio.

Join us for Season 10 of True Restoration in February 2021, soon after the Christmas season ends with the feast of Candlemas! Until then, we wish you all a fruitful Advent, a Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!


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