Behind the Headlines: Catholic Clergy’s Take on Current Affairs

True Restoration is excited to announce the launch of the new mini-series - Behind the Headlines. Behind the Headlines is a three episode mini-series that will seek to examine current affairs through the eyes of the Catholic faith. If the response is positive and there is enough interest, we hope to make this into a full monthly series available free to the public on Soundcloud. So be sure to send us a message letting us know if you would like to hear more. Write to us at: headlines at

Behind the Headlines will feature two clergymen who certainly need no introduction: His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan and Father Anthony Cekada; along with host Stephen Heiner. Each month they will examine the headlines that captivated the media’s attention, but through the lens of the Catholic faith - a unique and refreshing take in a world consumed with fake news and false narratives. More importantly, we will take a look at how Catholic principles should be applied in these situations.

Half Catechism, half secularized Francis Watch, Behind the Headlines is sure to delight listeners and inspire them to view all life brings to us through the eyes of the Catholic faith. We have high hopes for this series, but it’s dependent upon you, the listeners, to show us that you want more than just a three episode mini-series - so be sure to send us a message, pass along the episodes to friends, and help us to cast the golden light of Catholicism against the darkness of the secular media; help us restore all things in Christ that He may reign not only in our hearts, but in society as well!

This mini-series was sponsored by an anonymous donor.  Please keep his intentions in your prayers.

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