10.10.14 | Radio Network News | App Update and Two New (Old) Ways to listen


It's been almost two months since we launched the subscription version of Restoration Radio and it's been a lot of learning for all the staff here.  We've appreciated your patience as we - like you - enter into new territory.  While we will wait to share more later this year, we can say that it has been a great success so far.  Our clergy are receiving stipends, as they are owed in justice, and our network is financially sustainable - with our membership base continuing to grow and support all that we are currently doing with an eye to doing even more in the future.

We still continue to work on the Member Application for Droid and iOS.  Apple's release of a new iOS operating system for the iPhone just as we were ready to go live definitely set us back and we've been continuing to work diligently.  For our Platinum Members and above, we simply ask for patience.  The App has our full attention but we don't have an army of programmers but rather just a couple working on our little project.  We hope to have the Version 1.0 app (with basic capabilities) up by Dec 1, if not earlier, after which time we will immediately begin work on a more advanced version of the App.

In the meantime there are two other ways you can listen outside of the website that finally went live this last week (or rather, were finally successfully adapted to our new RSS feeds).

Stitcher: for desktop, Android, and Apple.

You can find our station here.  This app features the first 15 minutes of each of our programs since the changeover as well as all our full-length free episodes (like this season's Francis Watch, for example).  You can download the app on Apple here and on Droid here.

Podcasts: for Apple only

On your iPad or iPod click this link.  It will ask you if you want to subscribe to this podcast and will add it to your podcasts app.  This app only features our full-length free episodes and does not have any of the 15 minute free previews.  You can download the app here.

Both of these apps are free and cost nothing to access.

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