All Francis Friday

Ember Friday in Advent

One of the key ways that the Vatican II modernist revolution has progressed is by changing the definition of words without saying so.  "Pastoral" is one of those words.  Hiding behind this new definition of pastoral allows Francis to make frequent detours around Catholic morals and doctrine.  Fr. Anthony Cekada carefully analyzes the "pope's"  excessive use of the word in this issue of Quidlibet and gives concrete examples of how it has been used by modernist bishops to change the practice of the faith.

Overuse of another word is noted by Fr. Franz Schmidberger, SSPX, in his lengthy but helpful critique of Francis' Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium on Dec. 16.   Fr. Schmidberger counts the "pope's" use of the personal pronoun "I" in this one document at 184 times, which in and of itself tells a lot about the "humble" pope.  Though Fr. Schmidberger works hard at pointing out the good things Francis says, Father's overall appraisal can quickly be surmised by the title of the piece, "Evangelii Gaudium - Dolor Fidelium [Joy of the Gospel - Grief for the Faithful]."

Today, the SSPX published this piece documenting Francis' lame attempt at correcting some of the problems in Evangelii Gaudium.  Noting a pattern in the need for the "pope's" constant explanations of his careless communications, the author attributes it to an anti-intellectualism that is clearly at odds with the Church's tradition.

The unjust and severe punishment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate by the Vatican has turned into a public relations nightmare, with even the Associated Press writing sympathetically about the FFI.  Today Rorate reports that now the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate have "put up their dukes," and have firmly denied accusations leveled against them by Commissioner Fr. Volpi.

On Francis' birthday, Dec. 16, he catapulted Blessed Peter Faber into "sainthood", bypassing the canonization process.  At the same time, he made Faber's "sainthood" less important by saying that non-Catholics can become saints/martyrs by virtue of an "ecumenism of blood".  Most Holy Family Monastery produced this excellent video on the topic.

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