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St. Thomas Aquinas

Zenit publishes a translation of Francis' latest Corriere della Sera interview in which the reporter states: "The lapse of 12 very intense months is not able to contain the great mass of Francis’ novelties and profound signs of pastoral innovation."  The role of "pope emeritus" is now to become a fixture of the papacy, according to the interview.

So much for being a role model for priests.  Francis confesses to stealing the crucifix from a rosary inside the casket of a dead priest, apparently his former confessor.  Novus Ordo Watch has the full story and an embedded video of the Rome Reports TV coverage of the admission, which clearly shows the "pope" laughing when he tells what he did.  One Today show host had enough sensibility to cringe when she realized that the rosary would most likely have been held in the dead priest's hands.  Referring to a supposed slip of the tongue earlier this week when the "pope" "accidentally" used a curse word, another host expresses his happiness that the pope curses and steals.  Here's a video clip from the Today show.  St. John Vianney, pray for us!

"Houston, we have a Bergoglio."   Mundabor takes Pat Archbold's "Seven Stages of Heresy" and adds a step of Francis' path to the papacy to each one.  Touchdown Mundabor!

"Cardinal" Walter Kasper figures out how to bless adultery, and Francis is so grateful.  Fr. Cekada delivers the grim news in "Divorce Bergoglio Style."  

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