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St. Romuald

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered the Pope, a new video by Most Holy Family Monastery, shows that Francis doesn't profess the true faith, as required by Pius XII's Mystici Corporis Christi, and therefore cannot be a member of the Church.

Francis was A-Ok with concelebrating the novus ordo mass with "Cardinal" Mahoney last month, says Marielena Montesino de Stuart.  Mahoney is in good standing despite multimillion-dollar sex abuse settlements when he was archbishop of Los Angeles.

"Francis: Predictably, The Appeasement Failed".  "No black shoes, simple cars and other more or less subversive shows of 'humbleness' will ever change anything on this," declares Mundabor, in reference to the UN dictating to the Vatican.

Early in the week Rorate reported the Vatican Radio story that Sigrid Spath, a Vatican translator under Joseph Ratzinger, had wanted to convert but was discouraged from it by the cardinal.  She died a Lutheran.  Now Rorate follows up with this confirmation of the story.  So all those who tear their hair when Francis says, "No, no, no" when asked if Catholics should try to convert others, can relax.  Tradition-friendly Benny did the same.  Now that's the real hermenuetic of continuity.

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