A Structure to Suffering

St. Theresa of Avila

This short post from Just Thomism lists five elements of suffering that you may not have considered before.  Number 4 is particularly interesting and definitely worth working on--great motivation for memorizing sacred music.

"Houston's Mayor Throws Out Citizens' Petition, Goes After Pastors"  In revenge mode on behalf of Houston's homosexual mayor, Annise Parker,  the City of Houston has subpoenaed the privileged communications of five pastors.  I'm sure that Cardinal Sconborn could find something exemplary in Parker's recent 'marriage" to her girlfriend.

Marian Horvat, Ph. D., of Tradition in Action, takes on the subject of skimpy hospital gowns.  While it seems in one way to be a an unimportant topic, she notes that Muslims demand modest gowns and get them.  An important lesson that can be applied to many situations.

Bringing back Jim Crow:  If you haven't had your fill of Synod14, here's a juicy Kasper story via Rorate.

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