A new priest of Jesus Christ

I encourage anyone trying to move to a high level of fluency to listen to sermons in the language you are focusing on.  It sharpens the mind and gives you an opportunity to double-check what you thought you heard with the priest after Mass.

Today Fr. Le Gal began his sermon with a couple announcements, one of which was that yesterday His Excellency, Bishop Geert Jan Stuyver, in Italy, conditionally ordained a priest from the Novus Ordo.  This new priest does not speak French (he's an Italian) and is not (as of yet) affiliated with the Institute of Our Lady of Good Counsel, which is Fr. Le Gal's congregation.  We can tell you, good Father, that there is plenty of work to be done in the non-French-speaking world!

We are grateful for yet another soul who will, according to the order of Melchisidech, offer a pleasing sacrifice to Our Lord.

This priest had been in contact with Don Ricossa since 2005.  Such a story reminds us to be patient with the many Novus Ordo readers of our blogs and listeners to our network.  Grace takes time to work, but it needs honesty and good will to germinate.

As we get more information about this new priest we will pass it on to our readers.  For now, it was a very pleasant surprise in the purple colors of the new season of Septuagesima - a season that the Novus Ordo sect filed in the dustbin and which our new Father will enter into for the first time in his life as a true priest, not as a presider of the assembly of a neo-protestant rite.

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