12.01.14 | Radio Network News | End of Season 3 Notice

DATE: 01 December 2014
SUBJECT: End of Season 3 Notice

Dear Restoration Radio Members, Benefactors, and Listeners,

We have finally reached the end of our regular broadcast season for the year A.D. 2014. After much transition and an amazing amount of content produced, we are about to go on a much needed year-end break.

This memo will serve as notification that from December 8, 2014 through January 8, 2014, we will not be producing any new shows, adding any content, and correspondence with us will be limited as we and our families prepare during the Season of Advent for Christmastide together. Our Gold Member area has been updated for November 2014 shows; those who have Gold level memberships may access their content. (Note: If you are a Platinum member of any kind, you already have access to all the content on the network. Gold Members receive four per month only.)

This season saw many changes here on the network: a new website, and more shows than we could possibly have envisioned, covering more topics than we thought possible in 2013 when we met in Canada to plan Season 3.

Our ownership group, back-end staff, and new hosts will be meeting at our annual Summit this coming weekend, December 5-8, to plan Season 4. We are excited to share some of the new shows, clerical guests, and to introduce new hosts to you as we move into Season 4. We will be recording one more show, our Season wrap-up, at some point over the weekend. This show will appear on the network for you to hear during the month of December.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our members who helped make this Season a success beyond our imagination, as well as to our clergy, who help make this network possible.

We would like to extend our personal thanks to the following individuals who  have spent countless hours preparing for their shows:

His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan
His Excellency, Bishop Donald Sanborn
Reverend Father Anthony Cekada
Reverend Father Bernard Uttley, O.S.B.
Reverend Father Stephen McKenna
Reverend Father Charles McGuire
Reverend Father Rafael Trytek

To all those who provided back-end technical support during our site transition, a list too vast to post here, please accept our most grateful thanks which is surely not sufficient for the assistance you provided.

We want to thank our sponsors this Season for their continued loyalty and support:

Novus Ordo Watch.org

Roman Catholic Archive

The Australian Catholic Mission

On behalf of all of us, we wish we could thank each and every person who sent us kind e-mails, kept patience through technical difficulties, and supported our cause throughout this Season.

We will return for Season 4, starting in mid-January, but in the meantime, we wish all of you a blessed Advent, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

In Xto,

Stephen Heiner, Founder
Nicholas Wansbutter, Co-Founder
Justin Soeder, Executive Producer
Wendy Haught, Social Media Manager
Joshua Gunsher, Director of Development
Matthew Arthur, Host

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