01.09.15 | Radio Network News | Season 4 Launches 01.14.15!


DATE: 10 January 2015
SUBJECT: Season 4 Launch

Dear Restoration Radio Members,

2015 is here upon us already and after a month off from the network, we are ready and excited to roll out Season 4 with plenty of new content, the return of some old favorites, and a few surprises to boot. We will also be welcoming several new show hosts for Season 4.

We have a lot of new features planning to be rolled out in Season 4, including transcripts of selected shows and website functionality improvements, just to name a couple of them.

We will return to the air full time beginning Wednesday, January 14th with an all new Clerical Conversations.

For those who have asked us about re-launching a Catechism show, your requests have been heard and we think you will be pleasantly surprised with the plans we have for this. Stay tuned for our Season 4 Kickoff Flagship Show in the next couple of days for more information on this and all the shows in the rotation for Season 4. Season 4 will incorporate several changes to the network and the show formatting that we believe will provide a much better listening experience to our members. We will discuss all of this and more in the kickoff show.

We look forward to bringing you Season 4 of Restoration Radio and thank you for your support of the clergy, your kind e-mails, and your prayers for this apostolate.

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