Behind the Lodge Door

Enemy of the True Catholic Church

In Behind the Lodge Door hosts Dan and Damo provide insight into Freemasonry: what it is, where it comes from and how Holy Mother Church deals with it. The Freemasons are arguably, the greatest modern-day enemy of the True Catholic Church and the Behind the Lodge Door series will provide listeners with a deeper awareness of the evils of this condemned secret society.

“Join us on this journey - we never thought such a serious topic could be so much fun!” (Dan and Damo)


Clement XII: In Eminenti
Benedict XIV: Providas
Clement XIII: A. Quodie
Clement XIII: Ut Primum
Clement XIII: Christianae Reipublicae Salus
Pius VI: Inscrutabile
Pius VII: Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo
Leo XII: Quo Graviora
Pius VII: Traditi Humilitati
Gregory XVI: Mirari Vos
Pius IX: Qui Pluribus
Pius IX: Omnibus Quantisque
Pius IX: Multiplices Inter
Leo XIII: Humanum Genus
Leo XIII: Letter to Italian Episcopate
Leo XIII: Letter to the Italian People
Pius X: Vehementer
Pius X: Letter to France

If you wish to purchase Behind the Lodge Door (by Paul A. Fisher) to follow along with the program, it may be purchased at True Restoration Press.

Original Air Date: February 25, 2016
Show Host(s): Dan, Damo

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